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Esmeralda County Land Auction Q/A

Esmeralda County Land Auction Q/A

Date and time of Land Auction:    


Location of Auction: Esmeralda County Courthouse parking lot

Address: 403 Crook Street, Goldfield, Nevada, 89013 on the corner of Euclid and Highway 95

Auction is advertised: Tonopah Times, and Internet address:

To Register for the Land Auction: In-person or by mail or you can call our office and pay via credit card. Bidder packets Available At Esmeralda County Clerk/Treasurers office for __________.

Type of payment required: Cash, Check, Money order, Visa, or Master Card (a 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases) Payment must be received in full at the time of sale.

Purchaser: must also pay to the Recorder's office the cost of recording and R.P.T.T. (Real Property Transfer Tax)

Type of auction: This is a live auction with all sales being final. Must purchase a land sale packet to bid. (NO BIDS BY MAIL)

The County is only selling their interest in the property, we do not guarantee a clear title, it is your responsibility to do the title search. Title searches can be done at the Esmeralda County Recorders office.

Documents provided at the time of sale: You will be given a Treasurer's receipt after the sale is complete, then after all the documents have been recorded you will receive the original Tax Deed. (approximately 3 weeks)

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