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General Election Candidates


U.S. Senate (6 Year Term) 
 Rosen, Jackey   Democrat
Hahan, Tim    Libertarian 
 Heller, Dean   Republican 
Bakari, Kamau A. Independent American 
 Micahels, Barry  No Political Party  

U.S. Representative In Congress, District 4 (2 Year Term) 
Horsford, Steven A.  Democratic 
 Luckner, Gregg Libertarian  
 Markowitz, Warren Ross Independent American 
McGonigle, Dean  No Political Party 
Smith, Rodney   No Political Party 
Hardy, Cresent   Republican                                   

Governor (4 Year Term) 
Best, Russel  Independent American 
Sisolak, Steve  Democratic 
Bundy, Ryan  No Political Party  
Lord, Jared  Libertarian  
Laxalt, Adam Paul  Republican                     

Lieutenant Governor (4 Year Term) 
Hansen, Janine  Independent American 
Marshall, Kate  Democratic 
Uehling, Ed  No Political Party 
Roberson, Michael  Republican                     

Secretary of State (4 Year Term) 
Araujo, Nelson  Democratic 
Cegavske, Barbara K.  Republican                           

State Treasurer (4 Year Term) 
Hoge, Bill  Independent American 
Conine, Zach  Democratic 
Beers, Bob             Republican 

State Controller (4 Year Term)
Byrne, Catherine   Democratic 
Knecht, Ron   Republican                  

Attorney General (4 Year Term) 
Hansen, Joel F.  Independent American 
Ford, Aaron   Democratic 
Duncan, Wes         Republican  

State District Offices

State Senate, District 14 (4 Year Term) 
Boszak, Wendy Democratic
Hansen, Ira  Republican              

State Assembly, District 32 (2 Year Term) 
Povilaitis, Paula Democratic 
Hansen, Alexis M.  Republican                    

Statewide Nonpatisan Offices

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat C
Cadis, Elissa Nonpartisan 
Tao, Jerry  Nonpartisan 

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat F
Silver, Abbi                                                      Nonpartisan 

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat G
Harter, Mathew Nonpartisan    
Stiglich, Lida  Nonpartisan 

Countywide Partisan Offices

Esmeralda County Commissioner, District 1 (4 Year Term)
Hipp, Timothy No Political Party 
Stezaker, Mark      Republican 

Esmeralda County Assessor (4 Year Term) 
 Lee, Ruth   Republican 

Esmeralda County Auditor and Recorder (4 Year Term) 
Boyer, Vera Republican 
Huber-Beth, "Patty" Patricia  Independent American         

Esmeralda County Clerk And Treasurer (4 Year Term) 
 Elgan, "Cindy" LaCinda Republican                     

Esmeralda County District Attorney (4 Year Term) 
Glennen, Robert E., III                                     Republican