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Timothy Hipp, Commissioner District 1 
De Winsor, Commissioner District 2 
Ralph Keyes, Commissioner District 3 

County Commission
De Winsor - Board Chairman
Timothy Hipp - Vice-Chair
Ralph Keyes - Member

Highway Commission

Ralph Keyes  Chairman 
Timothy Hipp Vice-Chair 
De Winsor Member 

Regional Transportation Commission

Ralph Keyes  Chairman 
Timothy Hipp  Vice-Chair 
Vacant Public Member

Liquor Board Commission

Ralph Keyes  Chairman 
De Winsor  Vice-Chair 
Timothy Hipp  Member
Sheriff Ken Elgan Member


To submit an Agenda Request to be placed on the Agenda for a Commissioner Meeting, please go to the Clerks site to print the Agenda Request.  Once you complete the form, send to:  or hand deliver to the Clerks Office.  

Esmeralda County Senior Transportation Schedules*

Goldfield to Tonopah   Tuesday and Thursday   9 AM / 10 AM 
Silver Peak to Tonopah  1st and 3rd Wednesday   10 AM 
Fish Lake Valley to Tonopah   Tuesday   9 AM 
Fish Lake Valley to Bishop  Thursday   9 AM 
LDMT (Long Distance Medical Transport)     Call for Details

To Schedule a ride call 775-485-3406 BEFORE you schedule your appointment to ensure dates and times for rides going in your direction.

Please contact:

Director  Maureen Glennen 775-485-3406 
Administrative Clerk Natalie Colunga 775-485-3406
Fish Lake Valley/Dyer  Ana Chaparro 775-482-4667
 TTY#    202-720-2600


*All Trips are subject to change

Please make sure you have called to insure the drivers know who is riding.

The suggested donation for eligible participants is as follows and is subject to change as established by the Commissioners:

Goldfield to Tonopah  60 plus  $2.00  59 and under  $3.00 
Silver Peak to Tonopah  60 plus  $3.00  59 and under  $5.00 
Fish Lake Valley to Tonopah  60 plus  $5.00  59 and under  $8.00 
Fish Lake Valley to Bishop  60 plus  $5.00  59 and under  $8.00 
LDMT (Long Distance Medical Transport)  60 plus  $20.00  59 and under  $40.00 


Contact Information

Esmeralda County Commissioners   
P.O. Box 517
Goldfield, NV 89013
Phone: 775-485-3406
Fax: 775-485-6351

Administrative Assistant
Maureen Glennen
Phone: 775-485-3406

Administrative Clerk
Natalie Colunga
Phone:  775-485-3406

Esmeralda County is an equal opportunity employer and provider