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Esmeralda County Clerk/Treasurer


LaCinda Elgan

Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Angela Jewell

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Michelle Garcia
Devon Miguez


Esmeralda County Clerk/Treasurer
PO Box 547
Goldfield, NV 89013
Phone: 775-485-6309
Fax: 775-485-6376

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Closed on all legal holidays


The Clerk of Esmeralda CountyClerk of the Fifth Judicial District Court of Esmeralda County
  • Civil, Probate, Divorce, Juvenile and Criminal Case files.
  • Law and Motion calendars for Judge Kimberly Wanker and Judge Robert Lane.
  • Jury selection.
  • Receipt of fees and fines -- see attached list of fees

Clerk of the Esmeralda County Board of County Commissioners
Clerk of Esmeralda County Board of Highway Commission
Clerk of Esmeralda County Liquor Board
Clerk of Esmeralda County Regional Transportation Board


Responsible for the following items:

  • Agenda's
  • Minutes
  • Resolutions
  • County Ordinance
  • Invitations to Bid
  • Bid Proposals
  • Leases and Agreements

The Esmeralda County Treasurer

  • Responsible for billing and collecting of payments for taxes
  • Publication of tax notices
    Issuing Trustee's Certificates
  • Issuing County Tax Deeds
  • County Tax Deed Land Sale Auctions
  • Receipting in all revenue to the County
  • Deposit form from various departments
  • Bank reconciliation's
  • Elections Department

Esmeralda County Sample Ballots

Voter Data Request Information Form

Additional responsibilities of the Clerk and Treasurer's Office
  • The billing and receipting payments for Goldfield Utility and Silver Peak Water Departments.
  • Distribution of State Commodities.
  • Social Service Assistance.


Esmeralda County Clerk Fees
Effective July 1, 2009
Petition for Adoption $223.00
Answer or First Appearance (Non Divorce) $208.00
Answer or First Appearance (Responding to Divorce) $212.00
Appeal-Justice Court to District Court(Civil Actions only) $144.00
Appeal-District Court to Supreme Court $842.00
Complaint - Civil (Other Than Divorce) $255.00
Addition Name On Complaint $30.00
Complaint or Petition (Divorce/Annulment) $274.00
Compromise of Minor Claim NO FEE
Contest or Objection (Probate or Guardianship) $141.00
Demand for Jury Trial $320.00
Fictitious Firm Name $20.00
Last Will and Testament $15.00
Marriage License $60.00
Miscellaneous Filings $15.00
Name Change $255.00
Peremptory Challenge $450.00
Petition to Seal Records $255.00
Probate or Estate $2,500. Or Less NO FEE
Probate or Guardianship to Estate, more than $20,000. But less than $200,000 $269.50
Probate or Guardianship to Estate, more than $200.00 $522.50
Termination of Parental Rights $255.00
Transfer from District Court or Change of Venue $255.00
Transfer from Justice Court or District Court (Civil Only) $142.00
Writ of Habeas Corpus NO FEE
Search of Record NO FEE
Records in System, *
* $1.00 per year and $.50 per page