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Esmeralda County Courthouse

The county seat of Esmeralda County was moved to Goldfield on May 1, 1907. The commissioners purchased the land for the courthouse in May 1907. The $79,833 construction bid for the courthouse was awarded to John Shea of Salt Lake City, Utah in July 1907. The fortress or armory-like building is a two-story stone structure 75 feet by 85 feet with the jail added onto the rear of the building.    The jail is 30 feet by 50 feet with three metal tiers of cells, built by the Pauly Jail Company of St. Louis, Missouri.  Final payment of $24,000 for the jail was made in May 1908. Some of the steel and wooden furniture arrived in March 1908.   The total cost for the furniture was $21,000. The courthouse was opened for county business before May 1, 1908, while the District Court was opened by Judge J.P. O'Brien on August 1, 1908. The courthouse has been in continuous use by the county since the building opened.  Today, the main floor of the courthouse contains the offices of the Assessor, Auditor/Recorder, District Attorney, Sheriff, and the Justice of the Peace's courtroom.  The second floor houses the Clerk/Treasurer, district courtroom, judge's chambers, jury room, law library, and the Commissioners' office.