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Esmeralda County Justice Court

Elected Official/Department Head: Judge Danielle Johnson, Justice of the Peace 


Esmeralda County Justice Court Office
Judge Danielle Johnson, Justice of the Peace
Goldfield, NV 89013
Phone: 775-485-6359
Fax: 775-485-3462


Justice of the Peace/Justice Court
The Justice of the Peace is required to preside over a variety of hearings, including preliminary examinations in felony and gross misdemeanor cases, trials for misdemeanor criminal matters, as well as, traffic violations, formal civil suits, small claims actions, temporary restraining order hearings, and landlord/tenant hearings.  In addition, the judge performs marriage ceremonies, and is subject to call out at all hours of the day and night to issue search and arrest warrants.

The Justice Court's staff currently consists of one full time clerk.   The clerk is charged with the responsibility of filing, processing and tracking all of the cases that are filed with the court each year, along with time spent in court each day during arraignments, hearings and trials. In addition, much time is spent assisting the public with such things as assisting in filling out forms and notary services.   All of this is in addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly administrative duties.  It is the goal of this court to perform all of these tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

It is the continued mission of the Esmeralda Township Justice Court to provide a quality and professional judicial institution for all the people of Esmeralda County, by the just application of the laws and ordinances which govern this jurisdiction.

Juvenile Master/Justice of the Peace
The Juvenile Master deals with charges pertaining to criminal offenses committed by persons under the age of 18 and works closely with the Juvenile Probation Department in handling these cases.  The juvenile division also deals with cases where a person under 18 requires certification as an adult so that the individual may be treated as an adult in District Court.  The Juvenile Master also hears Department of Child and Family Service matters that come before the court.